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How does home solar power work?

How does home solar power work?

Solar Panels

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight to direct current electricity (DC electricity). As long as rays are hitting your roof, rain or shine, your panels are converting solar radiation into DC electricity. But in order to get the kind of power needed to turn the lights on in your living room, you’ll need an inverter.


The inverter is a device that takes the DC electricity produced by your solar panels and turns it into alternating current electricity (AC electricity). It’s typically installed on an exterior wall of your house, or in the garage.

Main Electric Service Panel

Solar electricity from your inverter flows to the electrical panel, and then into to your home where it powers your lights and appliances. Or, if you generate more solar energy than you use, it flows into the utility grid and while you rake in the solar credits.


Your meter monitors your system production and sends the information to the meter through a wireless signal. Since it tracks your energy production 24/7, it will automatically alert the meter if it detects problems or irregularities.

Net Meter

Speaking of solar credits, the net meter measures the amount of electricity you draw from the grid, and how much excess solar electricity you push into it. So when you use less electricity than you make, you get credit from the utility company. Sounds pretty sweet, right?


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