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Air Condition Services & Repairs

First here’re the signs your AC unit needs repairing.  

Blowing warm air:There could be several reasons behind this, from wrong thermostat settings and refrigerant leaks to blocked air condenser. But when it happens, your AC needs instant repair.

  • Weak Airflow from the Vents:This is often caused by a failed compressor or some error with the ducts. While the vent oozes out cool air, the flow is too weak to cool off the room even after running your AC for hours. Firstly, you can try cleaning the vent, but if the issue persists, you better call a professional. 
  • AC turning OFF automatically:It’s annoying to see your air conditioner turning OFF itself every hour or so. This is pretty much an indication of some issues with the thermostat.  It may be broken or it’s no longer capable to accurately gauge the cooling. In either case, you would need a trained technician to look into it, as the thermostat consists of various critical electronic components.
  • Stinking when AC is On:Don’t neglect that bad smell coming off your AC. It indicates a burned wire insulation or some errors in the ductwork. Regardless of the reason, this issue needs immediate attention. Otherwise, your AC may get further damage. Also, you won’t want that stink to make yourself or your family sick. 
  • Humidity Not Eliminated:Along with giving us cool, fresh air, an AC also works upon eliminating the humidity inside the room. If you feel that the level of humidity is not reduced even after the AC is on, there might be some error which only a professional can identify and resolve. 
  • Your power bill shoots up suddenly: If your electricity bill shoots up without increasing the AC consumption, chances are your unit’s efficiency has reduced. A damaged thermostat switch or any leakage in the ductwork could be the culprit. Proper maintenance and timely servicing go a long way to improve efficiency and make your AC work at its optimum level. And who can do this task better than a professional repair service company? 

Why Repair Your Airconditioner with Us ?

  • Our technicians are experienced and aptly trained.
  • Transparent and Affordable Price
  • Original, High-Quality Part replacement
  • Immediate response and Timely Repair

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