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Battery Reconditioning

Our battery reconditioning process is not invasive, does not use chemicals and is completely electronic. We use a frequency pulse to break down sulfate crystals that build up along the plates over time. Our process transforms these crystals back to active material allowing electrons to flow freely through the plates again. A reconditioned battery can last for more than two years and in many cases the process can be repeated.

Save Money

Our process can restore your forklift battery bank at a fraction the cost of a new replacement.๎Š

Fast and efficient

We understand down time cost you money. A typical recondition can take two weeks but our expedited services can reduce this to a few days.

Nationwide Service

Outside of Accra? No problem! Remove the traction battery and our transporter can collect and return the traction battery to your door. Canโ€™t remove the traction battery? No problem! our specialist transporter can collect and return your entire forklift to your door!

Fully tested

Your traction battery is fully capacity tested and we can even compare its capacity to that of a new traction battery.๎€Š

New Traction cells

In the rare situation that your forklift battery cannot be repaired we can provide the most competitive prices on a completely new battery bank.


Get in touch with the size details of your traction battery box (Height, width and length), the voltage and some picture if you can and we will send out a no obligation quote.

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