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Gate Automations

When choosing your new electric gate it is very important that you have the correct method of automation. We are happy to advise you on a system that suits both your budget and your needs.

Sliding Gate Motors

The sliding gate motor is also a popular choice, and can be installed to either wrought iron or solid timber gates. A sliding gate can be used where a rising drive up towards the house would prevent swing gates from opening, or where there is limited parking space and intrusion of a swing gate would reduce any potential parking space. Total gate weight is a more important factor than size with this motor, and is suitable for a sliding gate up to 1500kg.

Designed for intense use, the die-cast motor comprises of quality aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and steel parts. The motor benefits from the thermal overload protection, fluid grease lubrication, sturdy mechanical limit switches, built-in control unit, ABS protection cover, and polyester powder-paint coating to ensure the motor has a long lasting work life in any weather conditions.

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