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Software Services & Installations

Once you choose the right software solution, you will have to integrate it into your business. This includes installing the software into your existing systems, carrying out regular maintenance and finding support for your software when you need it.

There are a number of reasons you should leave all software installation to your professional IT managers, including but not limited to:

The software you need to install may present compatibility issues

Software selected for end users may come with wizards that promise easy installation. However, that software may not run on your operating system and/or conflict with other applications already installed. The professionals at SLW Ghana can determine how new software may act and how to troubleshoot any potential issues.

Software upgrades

Software upgrades are generally needed to ensure that your software continues to perform properly and security. Software upgrades may become available because:

  • new or improved functionality is added to the software
  • current software has become incompatible with other, newer programs
  • security ‘fixes’ or ‘patches’ are needed to address ‘bugs’ discovered in the software

You can usually access upgrades online. It is important to install them and keep systems software fully up to date. Otherwise, your systems may be vulnerable to newly discovered security flaws.

What Software We Install

SLW Ghana can install any type of software – anything from network monitoring applications to industry-specific programs. To minimize installation issues, we encourage you to go through our software recommendation process so that we can help you find software that is compatible with your operating system, is sensitive to network storage and bandwidth limits and comes from a trustworthy source.

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