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Solar Power Systems

Our solar power kits are complete systems, and include the racking and any equipment or Balance Of System components needed to generate power. Whether you’re considering staying connected to the grid to save money, or living off grid for freedom and independence, we have the solar system for you!

Residential and commercial types of solar power systems

The solar industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year, thus introducing cutting-edge technologies to the public at a rapid pace. So, when you start exploring the profitable world of solar, expect to be bombarded with solar jargon, but in a good way!

Here are some common classification methods used by the solar industry.
Solar power systems, classified by usage, and deployment: This includes:

Residential solar power systems, by individual homeowners. The system is designed primarily to meet the needs of the individual home. Again, they can be off the grid, tied to the grid (without battery), or net metered.

Commercial solar power systems, by businesses, and for commercial buildings. This can also include apartment complexes, restaurants, hospitals, parking lots, etc. These may be bigger in size to address the collective energy needs of multiple businesses within the commercial property, or to address common energy needs (like parking lights, solar fences, etc.).

Utility-scale solar power systems, ideal for solar farms and owners of large properties. This is where you set up a large-scale solar power system, primarily to sell solar energy to others (residential and commercial), through a PPA(Power Purchase Agreement). In this case, residences and businesses do not have to install a solar power system on their property. Instead, they simply buy solar power generated by your system, much like they buy conventional electricity from a utility company. This type of system, based on that information, needs to be tied into the grid. Also, a typical solar PPA spans across 6 to 25 years in the US, thus ensuring the solar farm has business for this entire duration.

Solar power systems, classified based on connectivity to conventional electricity grid: This can be grid-tied, off-the-grid, or net-metered. (Described in detail in Part 1, above.)

Solar power systems, classified based on the availability of storage: This includes:

Standalone solar power systems, another term for solar power systems that are completely off the grid. As described previously, such a system will rely on solar panels and batteries with a high wattage in order to be completely self-contained.

Solar power systems with battery backup, for a setup that is tied to the grid, but also has a battery for additional storage. Such a system allows the owner to regulate the use of solar power during peak and off-peak hours. This can also be a part of a net-metered system, to further optimize utilization of solar power.

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